Resident Commitment


We Make Moving to

Southgate Towers Luxury Apartments In Baton Rouge as Easy as

Moving is easy to Southgate Towers

1. We’ll make certain there are no surprises on moving day. While you’re busy preparing for your move, we’ll be busy preparing for your arrival with out 331 point apartment inspection.

2. We realize how stressful move in day can be so we make an appointment with you to complete our new resident orientation.  On move in day all you’ll need to do is drop off your rental payment and pick-up your keys.

3. Our team will certify that your home is in quality condition before you arrive, and we will provide you with contact names and numbers so you can reach us as you settle in.

Personal Attention

When you lease and apartment in our community, you’re not just a resident, you’re a neighbor. We’re going to listen to your needs, return your calls promptly and address your concerns.

Welcome Home to Southgate Towers Luxury Apartments In Baton Rouge!