Three and Four Bedroom Penthouses Available

LSU Inspired Architecture

You'll Love Where You Live!

LSU Inspired Architecture

Contemporary convenience unavailable anywhere else in the city.


Urban Inspired Interiors

You'll Love Where You Live!

The best of luxury apartment living is right at hand

Urban Inspired Interiors

Wired for Sound

Built for Surround Sound Entertainment

T-1 Internet access in your home

High Tech Living for All Our Residents

lux·u·ry at Southgate Towers Apartments In Baton Rouge,LA.
ləkSH(ə)rē, ləgZH(ə)-/

noun: luxury 
1.the state of great comfort and extravagant apartment living.
“he lived a life of luxury in Baton Rouge,LA”

synonyms: luxury opulence, luxuriousness, sumptuousness, grandeur, magnificence, splendor, lavishness, the lap of luxury, a bed of roses, (the land of) milk and honey; informal “the life of Riley” “we’ll live in luxury at Southgate Towers Apartments in Baton Rouge,LA”

Cutting Edge Interiors


That is what today’s lifestyles are about. And that is what Southgate Towers Luxury Apartments has to offer. From restaurants and shops downstairs to T-1 Internet access in your home, everything you need is always within reach. This is more than a residence. This is a fully integrated, high-tech community designed for today’s lifestyles . The future promised a place like this. And now it’s here.

Southgate Towers Apartments In Baton Rouge, LA.