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Parents of LSU Students Southgate is the Perfect LSU Apartment

If you are a parent of a student attending LSU and you are looking for an apartment for rent, it has to be in the right area and the right place for you and your LSU student’s needs. We offer apartments for both conventional residents and student residents near LSU, for maximum convenience. Most people assume that we offer student housing only, but we offer conventional apartments and welcome students. What does this mean exactly when you are looking for an apartment for rent?

We are not a traditional student housing situation, in that we do not tolerate noise and parties, but we do have many student-oriented activities that cater to that demographic. In traditional student housing, a blind eye (and ear) is often turned to loud noise and partying, but that is not the case here, simply because we offer housing to both conventional residents and students alike. We love our students, but we expect them to be respectful of all of the residents in the building.

We work well with parents, which is essential with students. We offer the paperwork that they need, do not rent by the bedroom, and offer a way for them to communicate with us concerning their student’s apartment. Parents need to know that their child is as comfortable as possible with us, so that they will not worry (as much) about their child. Offering an apartment for rent to students comes with some responsibility and we take it seriously.

Our building is built with conventional residents and student living in mind. It is a sound, concrete construction with sound abatement that allows the quietness for business professionals, coaches, and professionals to live in the same building with students. It is close to LSU, which makes it perfect for people who teach and work at the school, and they can live together because the building is quiet for everyone. This is an essential feature of any apartment for rent, but most especially for an apartment building where both professionals and students live together in.

Being located near LSU means that we are near the action. For both students and professionals, we are in a prime area. Not only for the education components, but for the sporting, drama, and other entertainment opportunities as well. Close to all of the activities of the university means that you will be able to take part in many free and low-cost things that you do not normally get to see in other areas. If you are looking for an apartment for rent, why not be close to LSU?

Our apartment for rent is ready for you to move in and start living. Whether you are a nontraditional student or a professional or businessperson, you will find that we offer the best location in the area. With our amenities and our location, you could not ask for more if you want to be close to LSU. We offer so much more than other apartments in the area and as you have always heard, what is important is location, location, location!

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