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One Bedroom Apartment

Welcome to your life—only better—at Southgate Towers Apartments.

If you’re looking for the best one bedroom apartment to call home in Baton Rouge steps from LSU, your search is over. Our Professional Apartment Management & Service Team would love to serve you, whether you’re ready to choose your new one bedroom apartment or just want to know more about our neighborhood. Please reach out to us to schedule your personalized tour or to select your new one bedroom apartment!

What do you get when you mix living rooms grand enough for a piano, kitchens designed for more than just cooking and closets that handle all your hang-ups? Southgate Towers Luxury Apartments of Baton Rouge. Visit us today and see for yourself.

These custom designed one bedroom apartments allow you to relax outdoors and enjoy the lush garden and pool views without ever leaving your apartment. The fully functional open concept apartment offers a generous living area that provides freedom to arrange furniture as you like. The dining island in the kitchen further enhances your personal apartment design options and modern lifestyle. The one bedroom apartment at Southgate Towers features a lot of wall space for flexible furniture arrangement and a large walk-in closet.

One Bedroom Apartment with One Bathroom

Acadia | 589 Sq Ft


Living Room: 12’0″ x 12’3″
Kitchen: 8′ x 8’3″
Bedroom:10′ x 11’9″

One Bedroom Apartments for rent in Baton Rouge La

One Bedroom Apartment with One Bathroom

Acadia One | 589 Sq Ft


Living Room: 12’0″ x 12’3″
Kitchen:8′ x 8’3″
Bedroom:10′ x 11’6″

One Bedroom Apartment with One Bathroom

Acadia Two | 589 Sq Ft


Living Room: 12’0″ x 12’3″
Kitchen:8′ x 8’3″
Bedroom:10′ x 11’9″

Apartments for rent in Baton Rouge La

One Bedroom Apartment with One Bathroom

Bienville | 725 Sq Ft


Living Room: 13’0″ x 19’11″
Kitchen:8′ x 9’10″
Bedroom:14′ x 11’8″

Apartments for rent in Baton Rouge La

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James Keys
I have lived here for over three years now, and I have had positive experiences with the staff and my apartment the entire time. It’s a safe, quiet community that’s ideal for students or anyone looking for a nice place to stay near LSU

Alissa LeBoeuf
Jonathan was AMAZING! I was not looking forward to apartment shopping but he was great. Jonathan listened to all my must haves and found exactly what I wanted. He was patient while I asked a million questions. Best part, he actually had the answers to ALL my questions. He even stayed late to give me a tour. He was so fun I forgot how miserable looking for a new place can be. Jonathan went above and beyond. Thanks for helping me find my new home!

Catherine Smith
Jonathan gave us a tour and went above and beyond to show us all the amenities and the pros and cons to each available unit. He is very knowledgeable about the property and answered all of our questions. He is very friendly and made looking at apartment’s fun!

Donald Isbell
Outstanding customer support and professionalism by Jonathan Weatherford and staff. Jonathan constantly kept us informed and up to date on all requirements for the move in. Very easy to work with.

Katharine Michot
We love Southgate. Jonathan was our leasing agent and made the leasing process a breeze. Everything except electricity is included and the staff works hard to ensure that every resident is getting the best service. Jonathan and Lacey have been especially helpful and knowledgeable. All service staff are so helpful and kind.

David An
I’ve been living here since this august- very friendly staff!!

Marie Claire deKeyzer
I love living here—the amenities are so nice!! The pool is actually a “resort-style” pool unlike all of the other apartment complexes claim they have. Also they have a really nice clubhouse that is great to study in!

Blair Elise
Definitely the nicest place I’ve lived around campus. Very spacious, high ceilings, stained concrete flooring. It’s a little pricey but there are a lot of apartment complexes charging the same amount for less- so overall this is your best bet. Be aware of the inexpensive units here. If the price they quote you seems too good to be true it probably is. When I first moved in they tried to put me in an inexpensive one bedroom unit- the balcony was falling apart and they said they couldn’t do anything about it. It was a safety hazard. There were paint splashes everywhere. Extremely small. Appliances barely functioned. I moved to a bigger unit and although it came with a price jump, it’s definitely worth it. The staff is pretty helpful and accommodating especially compared to other campus housing. Also- PARKING!!!! There’s so much of it!! It’s amazing. Probably the only apartment I’d reccomend around campus.

Abigail Bailey
I’ve lived here for two years and I can’t recommend it enough! Amazing leasing staff that cares about its residents and AWESOME maintenance crew that goes above and beyond. Most everything is fixed within the day, and if it isn’t, it’s only ever because they have to order a part, and then it is fixed the second that part arrives. Beautiful spaces with stained floors and high ceilings, new appliances, and concrete walls! The concrete walls basically make the apartments soundproof so it makes the complex so peaceful to reside in. I am so sad I have to move out of here, they have been so nice to live with. It is without question the best apartment complex close to campus. Disclaimer: I’ve read over some of the other reviews here, and I have never experienced anything close to any of the issues that people complain about; honestly some of these might be about a different complex that got accidentally listed under this one because there’s no way it’s the same complex.

kylie dersam
My family and I have lived here since around September of 2016. I love the apartment itself, the only thing I don’t like is the partying on the weekends from the nearby bars. Non of which the actual apartment can control. However last night 5-23-17 someone decided to steal our penguin welcome mat in front of our door. I know what you’re probably thinking, ok so what it was a welcome mat go buy another one. I have two children ages 2 and 3 who actually depend on this mat to tell which apartment is ours and have come to love it. With it being a Christmas mat I didn’t know if I would be able to purchase another one and that is why I was upset. My daughters were so upset by it being taken that they literally cried. I went to the office, gave the time frame it was taken. The gentleman,please forgive me I don’t remember your name, was very nice.i later found out he was the property manager. He didn’t treat me like I was overreacting even if I felt I was. He asked to see a picture of the mat and it turned out he had a similar one. Upon hearing how upset my children were about it, he reassured me. One way or another we would have our mat back. Even if that ment him giving us his. He said he would stop by sometime this morning to give it to me. Around noon I hadn’t heard anything so I looked out our door and the mat was there. Whether he gave us his, or ours was returned I want to stress the importance this made to one child. The willingness of this employee to go out of his way to get it fixed. I just want to say thank you. Thank you so much. To whomever who took it, please don’t take things that aren’t yours. You don’t know what kind of importance they hold to someone. Especially if you were just drunk and thought it was funny. It crushed their world.

lane johnson
Moving out next week after spending 4 amazing years here. This place is honestly so amazing if you want to be close to campus and have a really nice apartment you should live here. Lacey is also one the most amazing people to work with when you need anything at all. I read a few of these other reviews and honestly have never experienced anything like that at Southgate. TBH it’s most likely people who didn’t pay rent and just want to complain about everything. As far a security goes, the garage has 2 gates to pass through before getting in and each door has a scanner to let you in. I’ve seen it down twice in the 4 years I lived here and it because people pulled the fire alarm both times.

Kittu Pannu
The place is great. While it is on the pricier side, the amenities that are included in the rent make it worth it. I lived in a one bedroom apartment and I never felt too cramped or anything of that nature. My neighbors ranged from college students to young professionals to even families. Noise was never really an issue, except for a couple of nights, but that is almost always the case with apartments in a college town. The staff were great about following up with any issues I may have had. Overall, it was a great experience.

Driving directions to Southgate Towers Luxury Apartments Of Baton Rouge

4005 Nicholson Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Telephone (225) 465-0792 | Fax 225.906.0400 |

From I 110 East take exit 155A to Nicholson merge on Terrace Street turn left onto Nicholson proceed 2.6 miles

From I 110 West take exit 157B to South Acadian Thruway turn left continue straight onto Stanford and LSU Avenue turn right on Highland and take first left on East Boyd then right on Nicholson and Southgate Apartments will be on the right.

Get directions to Southgate Towers Apartments

Southgate Towers Apartments in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Near LSU

Apartment StyleSquare FootageRental Rate
Allen - Studio Apartment560 Sq FtStarting From $999 – $1189
Allen One - Studio Apartment560 Sq FtStarting From $999 – $1189
Acadia - One Bedroom One Bath589 Sq FtStarting From $1019 – $1199
Acadia One - One Bedroom One Bath589 Sq FtStarting From $1019 – $1199
Acadia Two - One Bedroom One Bath589 Sq FtStarting From $1019 – $1199
Bienville - One Bedroom One Bath725 Sq FtStarting From $1219 – $1439
Cameron - Two Bedrooms Two Baths1106 Sq FtStarting From $1359 – $1599
Cameron One - Two Bedrooms Two Baths1106 Sq FtStarting From $1359 – $1599
Cameron Two - Two Bedrooms Two Baths1145 Sq FtStarting From $1399 – $1659
Desoto - Two Bedrooms Two Baths1316 Sq FtStarting From $1509 – $1719
Evangeline One - Three Bedrooms Four Baths Penthouse2120 Sq FtStarting From $2219 – $2659
Evangeline Two - Three Bedrooms Three Baths Penthouse2085 Sq FtStarting From $2219 – $2659
Evangeline Three - Three Bedrooms Three Baths Penthouse1834 Sq FtStarting From $2219 – $2659
Evangeline Four - Three Bedrooms Four Baths Penthouse2398 Sq FtStarting From $2219 – $2659
Grant - Three Bedrooms Four and a Half Baths Penthouse2412 Sq FtStarting From $2319 – $2719
Franklin One - Four Bedrooms Four Baths Penthouse2362 Sq FtStarting From $2559 – $3109
Franklin Two - Four Bedrooms Five Baths Penthouse2398 Sq FtStarting From $2799 – $3149
Franklin Three - Four Bedrooms Five Baths Penthouse2412 Sq FtStarting From $2799 – $3149
Franklin Four - Four Bedrooms Four Baths Penthouse2222 Sq FtStarting From $2559 – $3109
Franklin Five - Four Bedrooms Four Baths Penthouse2272 Sq FtStarting From $2799 – $3149
Franklin Six - Four Bedrooms Five Baths Penthouse2557 Sq FtStarting From $2799 – $3149

Floor plans and terms are subject to change. Square footage is approximate. All renderings, maps, landscaping, elevations and plans are artist conceptions and are not to scale. The developer/builder reserves the right in its sole discretion to make modifications to maps, plans, renderings, specifications, materials, features or colors without notice. Plans, prices, descriptions and amenities are subject to change without notice.

The Perfect LSU Apartment For Rent

LSU Students at Southgate Towers ApartmentsWhen you are looking for an apartment for rent, it has to be in the right area and the right place for you and your needs. We offer apartments for both conventional residents and student residents near LSU, for maximum convenience. Most people assume that we offer student housing only, but we offer conventional apartments and welcome students. What does this mean exactly when you are looking for an apartment for rent?

We are not a traditional student housing situation, in that we do not tolerate noise and parties, but we do have many student oriented activities that cater to that demographic. In traditional student housing, a blind eye (and ear) is often turned to loud noise and partying, but that is not the case here, simply because we offer housing to both conventional residents and students alike. We love our students, but we expect them to be respectful of all of the residents in the building.

We work well with parents, which is essential with students. We offer the paperwork that they need, do not rent by the bedroom, and offer a way for them to communicate with us concerning their student’s apartment. Parents need to know that their child is as comfortable as possible with us, so that they will not worry (as much) about their child. Offering an apartment for rent to students comes with some responsibility and we take it seriously.

Our building is built with conventional residents and student living in mind. It is sound, concrete construction with sound abatement that allows the quietness for business professionals, coaches, and professionals to live in the same building with students. It is close to LSU, which makes it perfect for people who teach and work at the school, and they can live together because the building is quiet for everyone. This is an essential feature of any apartment for rent, but most especially for an apartment building that both professionals and students live together in.

Being located near LSU means that we are near the action. For both students and professionals, we are in a prime area. Not only for the education components, but for the sporting, drama, and the other entertainment opportunities as well. Close to all of the activities of the university means that you will be able to take part in many free and low-cost things that you do not normally get to see in other areas. If you are looking for an apartment for rent, why not be close to LSU?

Our apartment for rent is ready for you to move in and start living. Whether you are a nontraditional student or a professional or businessperson, you will find that we offer the best location in the area. With our amenities and our location, you could not ask for more if you want to be close to LSU. We offer so much more than other apartments in the area and as you have always heard, what is important is location, location, location!

Features & Attributes

Impressive Apartment Attributes

Designed for today’s lifestyles, the luxury one bedroom apartments at Southgate Towers in Baton Rouge feature cutting-edge interiors and the most extensive selection of contemporary features available in Baton Rouge.

Live here and the future is yours to enjoy.

• High-tech luxury apartment homes with high-speed Internet and surround sound wiring
• Concrete Structure
• Great shopping and dining on site
• Walking distance to the co-op bookstore, Walk-on’s, LIT Pizza, The Bullfish Bar Kitchen, UMAMI Japanese Bistro and CC’s Coffee
• Washers and Dryers included in apartments
• Stained concrete floors
• Bay windows
• Over-sized Windows
• Parking Garage
• Easy access to both Nicholson Drive and Burbank Drive

• 12 foot ceilings
• Granite kitchen counter-tops
• Under-mounted sinks
• Stainless Steel Appliances in select apartments
• Over-sized Garden soaking tubs
• Ideal location for Tailgating on Game Day
• HUGE Closets with PLENTY of Shelving

Amenities & Outstanding Services

The pace of life today demands that your free time be as rewarding as your work time. Southgate Towers Apartments in Baton Rouge has you covered, with an awesome array of amenities not to be found anywhere else in Baton Rouge. You’re going to want to be here for years to come and enjoy every second of it.

• Great shopping and dining on-site
• Parcel Pending Package System
• Skywalk access to clubhouse
• Outdoor pool
• Billiards room
• Meditation gardens with fountains and pools
• Resident Services
• Quiet Study Areas
• Dog Park
• Eight story parking garage with access to all apartment floors

• Rentable storage
• Concierge
• Cable Included
• Internet Included
• Computer Lab
• Perfect location in the heart of LSU sports
• Just minutes from the downtown business district
• Game Day parking for Family and Friends
• Resort-Style Pool with Cabana and Hot Tub