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Choosing a apartment in Baton Rouge isn’t a trivial decision, so you’ll want to make certain you have the most important bases covered.  It’s also important to consider that moving isn’t easy; so you’ll want to make sure you’re making a decision you can live with for a nice, long time.  Here are four top tips that will help you choose the perfect apartment in Baton Rouge, that you’ll love!


  1. 1.     Know What You Want and Need.


It might sound obvious, but a lot of people start shopping before they’ve given serious thought to exactly what they want and need. We suggest you start with two lists:  Needs will include the deal-makers and breakers, like the number of bedrooms needed; a location that will keep your commute within workable time and distance; and a rental rate range that works within your budget.  Wants might include community amenities like a pool or fitness center; nearby entertainment options; etc.  Look for a community that promises to do more than just meet your basic needs.  A great apartment community is about more than the location and number of bedrooms; so don’t be afraid to think beyond the basic necessities and imagine a better lifestyle for yourself, and not just a few available rooms at a convenient address.


  1. 2.     Be Prepared.


Apartment communities today go to great lengths to provide information online, so you should be able to get an excellent idea of what they’re all about before you even visit. Take time to visit the websites for all of the communities within your desired market area to see which meet your needs and cater to your wants. With just a little homework, you should be able to walk into a leasing office with a fairly good idea of what a community can do for you, and probably more than a few good, targeted questions to ask!  Look for communities whose web presence conveys a focus on service and a willingness to make your life as happy and trouble-free as possible.  A great apartment community is not just a place to live … it’s a place you’ll truly be happy to call home.


  1. 3.     Get Your Roomate(s) on the Same Page.


All of the adults making a housing decision—whether friends or significant others—should be equally well-equipped to make it together. Don’t do number 1. or 2. above without the solid involvement of your roommate(s) so that you’re in general agreement about your needs and wants.  This extends to shopping together online and in person, and to ensuring that everyone fully understands the terms of the lease.  Have a candid discussion—before you even start to shop—about splitting the rent and all shared bills if applicable, and about what will represent a great choice.  Put terms in writing if necessary to avoid disagreements later.  When everyone fully understands their financial obligations and the implications of the decision, you’ll be best equipped to make a solid and educated final decision—together—when lease-signing time occurs.


  1. 4.      Ready, Set, Shop!


Once you’ve defined your basic terms, done your homework, and reached a consensus about what the decision represents and will obligate you to fulfill, you’re ready to start visiting communities. Make appointments whenever possible, because Leasing Professionals will be able to do their very best work when they’re as prepared as you are.  In the process of setting the appointment, a great Leasing Professional will ask you lots of questions.  Answering as completely as possible will ensure that your time on-site is best spent. Visit as many communities as it takes to make the best choice, and remember:  absolutely no question is too trivial to ask.  You’re talking about the place you’re going to be calling home for at least the next year, and hopefully far longer; so make your time count!


A little careful groundwork will help you make a decision that you’ll be proud and happy to have made, for the term of your first lease and beyond!